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Placement Preparation Training in Bangalore for Freshers –

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Course details:
Classroom Training: 40 Hrs
Assignment: 30 hrs
Mock Interview/Practice Test: 10 Hrs
Upcoming Batches:
Weekend : 26th Nov ,10:00 am -4:00 pm
Weekend : 10th Dec,12:30 pm to 5:00 pm

  • S : November 26th Onwards
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Weekend ,11th Aug ,10:00 am -4:00 pm (Batch Full)
Weekend, 29th Sep,3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
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Course description

Learnbay provides campus placement preparation training in bangalore for freshers and helps students prepare for the Campus Placement interviews through classroom and online training programmes.This training programme is designed by experts which helps you to clear aptitude test and ace your personal and technical interview.
Features of Placement Preparation Training:
Experts instructors from premier institute and tier 1 companies.
Practical training with case study,Assignments and Mock Interview.
Company Specific Mock Tests and Study Material
Should have basic knowledge of Computer Fundamentals
Who Should Attend:
Pre Final And Final Year B.Tech/MCA  Students
What will you Learn:
C Programming
C++ Programming
Basic Data Structures
Aptitude Skills
Interview Preparation through Mock Interviews
Resume Preparation Tips


C/C++ Course:
Symbolic Constants
Variables and Arithmetic Expressions
C Keywords, C Data Types, Structure of a Simple Program.
Types, Operators and Expressions….
Variable Names, Data Types and Sizes, Constants, Arithmetic Operators, Relational and Logical Operators, Type Conversions, Increment and Decrement Operators, Bitwise Operators, Assignment Operators and Expressions ,  Conditional Expressions, Precedence and Order of Evaluation
Functions and Program Structure….
Basics of Functions, Functions Returning Non-integers,External Variables, Scope Rules, Header Files, Static Variables, Register Variables, The C Preprocessor, File Inclusion, Macro Substitution, Conditional Inclusion.
Recursion and Stack
Pointers and Arrays
Pointers and Addresses, Pointers and Function Arguments, Pointers and Arrays, Address Arithmetic,  Character Pointers and Functions, Pointer Arrays, Pointers to Pointers, Multi-dimensional Arrays,  Initialization of Pointer Arrays,Pointers vs. Command-line Arguments, Pointers to Functions, Pointers and Strings. Array of Pointers to Strings, Limitation of Array of Pointers to Strings
Basics of Structures, Structures and Functions, Arrays of Structures, Pointers to Structures,  Self-referential Structures, Type def, Unions
File Input/Output
Data Organization , File Operations, Opening a File, Reading from a File, Trouble in Opening a File, Closing the File, Counting Characters, Tabs, Spaces,   A File-copy Program, Writing to a File, File Opening Modes, String (line) I/O in Files, Record I/O in Files, Text Files and Binary Files, Low Level Disk I/O, A Low Level File-copy Program
Intoduction to Object Oriented Programming
Object derivative languages, object oriented programming, Association, Generalization,Dependency.
An Overview of C++
The bool data type, scope resolution, default argument, inline function, reference variable, Arrays, Pointers, References and Dynamic Allocation Operators
Classes and Objects
Memory layout of object, constructor, distructor, Exception handling, static and const variable inside class
Operator Overloading and Friend function
Function Overloading, Copy Constructors, and Default Arguments , Operator Overloading, unary opertaors-prefix and postix, binary opertaors, assignment operator overloading
Types of Inheritance, constructor and destructor in Inheritance.
Virtual Functions and Polymorphism
Run time polymorphism, virtual destructor, abstract class , RTTI, typeid, dynamic cast, static cast, reinterpret cast, const cast.
 The C++ I/O System Basics
input and output stream, ostream class, istream class , iostream class, file I/O , opening a file, Detecting the end of file, file opening mode, Reading and writing streams, seeking iostream
Basic Data structure and algorithm
Singly Linked List, Doubly Linked List, Circular Linked List, Doubly Linked List.Binary Search, Selection Sort, Bubble Sort
Aptitude Skills
Number system
Ratio and proportion
Time and Distance
Problems on Ages
Problems on Trains
Permutations and Combination
Clocks And Calendar

Interview Prep
Mock Interview
Resume Tips
Practice Test

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