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Class Duration: 55 ~ 60  Hrs./ Batch. Ph : +91 99805 27067

Life time live class access with updates, Attend multiple batches.  

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Course description

Learnbay provides best System Design ( High level and low level software system design ) and  Design Patterns training Course with interview preparation for e-commerce companies and top product-based MNC like Google, Amazon, Cisco, Microsoft, NVidia, Netapp and more.

Our training course content is designed by experts to match with the real-world requirements for both beginner and advance level. Real time use cases are covered in the class Which will help you to crack system design interviews


Should have basic knowledge of  Java/C++, C# ,Python Programming With Data Structures And Algorithms.

Who Should Attend:

Working professionals and job seekers who are preparing for interview for SDE II and senior roles in product MNC/e-commerce companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google etc.

Anyone who has deep desire to learn design pattern and system design should take up the Software system design (High level & Low level system design ) and design pattern training in Bangalore

Course Duration:  50 Hours (Life time live access with updates – Attend multiple batch of – Software system design (High level & Low level design for interview preparation)

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About Instructor:

Our data structures and algorithms trainers are working in top product-based MNCs like Google, Amazon and premier institutes like IIIT Hyderabad, IIT and NIT. Experts in problem solving and design thinking, our instructors provide the best design pattern training.

Course Content:

 Design Patterns 

Design patterns  are essential part of any programming and coding interview, no matter whether you are going for Java interview or C++/.net  interview. Candidates having IT experience  and targeting for tier 1 Product based company need sound knowledge of design patterns apart from Data structures and algorithms skills to do well in their interviews.

 Duration : 25 hours

1: Introduction to Design Patterns
Goals of OO Language, Revision of  OOPs Concept :- Inheritance, Polymorphism, Interfaces, Different Member Field Attributes
Reviewing Object-Oriented Principles 
Interpret Unified Modeling Language (UML) notation and create UML diagrams , Identify selected design patterns ,Review the Model-View-Controller (MVC) patterns
2:  Creational Design Patterns
Introduction to creational design patterns : Abstract Factory, Builder, Factory, Prototype, Singleton – Applications And Case studies on each patterns With implementation in java/C++
3:  Structural Design Patterns
Introduction to Structural Design Patters:
Structural Design Patterns:
Adapter, Bridge, Composite, Decorator, Facade, Flyweight, MVC, Front Controller, Module, Proxy Applications And Case studies on each patterns With implementation in Java/C++
4: Behavioral Design Pattern
Introduction to creational design patterns : Abstract Factory, Builder, Factory, Prototype, Singleton – Applications And Case studies on each patterns With implementation
5: Introduction to Design Patterns
Impact of  the design on performance of multi-threaded applications ,Active Object design ,Monitor Object design ,Half-Sync/Half-Async ,Leader/Followers, Thread-Specific Storage
6:  Project And Interview
Project And Case Study on a Real Time Application Which involves design patterns covered in previous modules .Interview Guidance And mock interview on how to crack a design interview

 System Design ( High level and Low level system design )

Candidates applying for senior role (SDE II and Above) needs to know the large distributed and scalable software system designs. System design questions have become a standard part of interview at Amazon, Microsoft, Google and top tier e-commerce companies like Flipkart for a senior role. Practice latest software system design latest interview questions. When you enroll for our design pattern training in Bangalore, your curriculum will include the following:

1: Introduction to System Design
Introduction to System Design – Why System Design Interview? Approaching And narrowing down a problem, Identifying an Abstract Design , Optimizing And addressing the bottlenecks.
2:  System Design Training Basics I
Load Balancing – Software And Hardware Load Balancers, Caching – Distributed And Global Cache, Content Distribution network(CDN),Sharding And Partitioning Methods, Common Problems of Sharding
3:  System Design Basics II
Database Indexing, Proxies – Proxy Server , Queues, SQL vs No SQL ,CAP Theorem in distributed Computer Systems, Distributed Hash Table And Consistent Hashing, Web sockets, Ajax Polling
4: System Design Case Studies I
Designing an Instant  messaging Services-Design Facebook Messenger – Case study to be covered in Classroom. Design Twitter and Twitter Search – Consider the case for million + User Assignment : Design Whatsapp Messaging Services, YouTube streaming, Google search design, Google calendar design.
5:System Design Case Studies II
Design Book My Show Design Uber Backend
6:  Interview Guidance
.Interview Guidance And mock interview on how to crack a design interview

About Instructor

Our Data Structure And Algorithm Trainers are Working in Top product based MNCs and premier institute like IIIT hyderabad,IIT and NIT and expert in problem solving and competitive programming.


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