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Online Instructor led Live Online training from industry experts
Course details:
Online Classes: 30 Hrs
Assignment: 40 hrs
Project: 10 Hrs

  • S : Apr 16th Onwards
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Weekend,11th Aug,2019,09:00 am - 1:00 pm
Weekend ,29th Sep,2019,03:00 pm-06:00 pm
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Course description

Learnbay Provides Android training in Bangalore  from basic to advance level.Our course content is designed by experts to match with the real world requirements for both beginner and advance level.Many real world  problems are implemented and discussed in the class with tons of assignments for practice.If you are looking for Android training in Bangalore,learnbay is the best option.
This course will benefit you to develop android app from scratch and also  help you to get to better positions, with confidence, in case you are looking out for jobs.Become An Android Developer with this course which is designed to be the first step to launch your career as an Android Developer. Even if you have never programmed before or are coming to mobile development for the first time, ,this is where you need to start.

Who Should Attend:
Developers who is looking to get into mobile
Aspiring Android developers
Anyone who want to create Android Apps
Course delivery:
Online classes with 60% theory and 40% hands on,Practice ,Assignment.

What will you Learn:
Basics and Advance Android Programming.

Course Content

Android Contents
1) Overview of Android
2) Activities and Intents
a. Understanding Activities
b. Linking Activities Using Intents
c. Calling Built-In Applications Using Intents
d. Displaying Notifications
3) Fragments
4) Android User Interface
a. Understanding the Components of a Screen
b. Adapting to Display Orientation
c. Managing Changes to Screen Orientation
d. Utilizing the Action Bar
e. Creating the User Interface Programmatically
f. Listening for UI Notifications
5) Designing User Interface With Views
a. Using Basic Views
b. Using Picker Views
c. Using List Views to Display Long Lists
6) Displaying Pictures and Menus with Views
a. Using Image Views to Display Pictures
b. Using Menus With Views
c. Some Additional Views
7) Data Persistence
a. Saving and Loading User Preferences
b. Persisting Data to Files
c. Creating and Using Databases
8) Content Providers
a. Sharing Data in Android
b. Using a Content Provider
c. Creating Your Own Content Providers
d. Using the Content Provider
9) Messaging
a. SMS Messaging
b. Sending E-mail
10) Location-Based Services
a. Displaying Maps
b. Getting Location Data
c. Monitoring a Location
11) Networking
a. Consuming Web Services Using HTTP
b. Consuming JSON Services
12) Developing Android Services
a. Creating Your Own Services
b. Establishing Communication Between a Service and an Activity
c. Binding Activities to Services
d. Understanding Threading

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