ASP.NET Training in Bangalore

ASP.NET Training in Bangalore

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Course details:
Classroom Training: 36 Hrs
Assignment: 20 hrs
Project: 10 Hrs
Upcoming Batches:
Weekend(5 Weeks) :Aug 13th,2017(1:00PM -03:30PM)

  • S : Aug 13th Onwards
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Weekend,11th Aug,2019,09:00 am - 1:00 pm
Weekend ,29th Sep,2019,03:00 pm-06:00 pm

Course description

Learnbay Provides best ASP.NET Training in Bangalore.Our course includes the  concept from basic to advance level.Our course content is designed by experts to match with the real world requirements for both beginner and advance level.Many real world  problems are implemented and discussed in the class with tons of assignments for practice.If you are looking for ASP.NET training in Bangalore,learnbay is the best option.
This course will benefit freshers or early stage programmers to integrate dynamic data into web pages, and experienced programmers to  integrate C# / Visual Basic code into their live websites.Also it will help  you to perform your programming jobs better and  to get to better positions, with confidence, in case you are looking out for jobs.This course will improve your skill  to handle  interview with more confidence.

Who Should Attend:
Those who want to become master in ASP.NET MVC framework.
Those whose want to improve his Skill in ASP.Net
Freshers/Experienced Professional

Course delivery:
Online And Classroom ASP.NET MVC training in Bangalore
classes with 60% theory and 40% hands on,Practice ,Assignment.

Course Content:

1. Introduction to MVC
Cover an understanding on MVC, how MVC envolves till date.

2. ASP.NET MVC over ASP.NET Web-Forms
Will discuss what makes MVC different from Web forms

3. ASP.NET MVC – Model View Controller design Pattern
Basic overiew of Design Pattern and explain about MVC design Pattern

4. MVC Life cycle
Different stage for MVC Life cycle

5. Asp.Net MVC environment setup
How to set up enviroment before start working on MVC ?

6. Create a Sample application using MVC
Build a sample MVC application and explain the different files that get created


7. MVC Modal
We will discuss about building Modals and how the data is retrives and pass from controller to View

8. MVC- Controller
We will how the request is handle when the request reach to controller and how it map to a controller and a method

9. MVC- Action 
We will learn about action method and request and response it process.

10. MVC – View 
How the action result from controller render back to HTML page?

11. MVC -Razor
Learn about Razor engine and how we can use it.

12. MVC -Router
Routing the request to a page

13. MVC-Selecter
Will learn about action selector and how do we get it invoke it.

14. MVC -Validation
Validation is used to check weither user input is valid or not.Asp.Net MVC provide set of validation that we are going to learn.

15. Asp.Net MVC Scaffolding
Scaffolding is a will used to generate code automatically for CRUD operation. We will learn how we can use to generate code quickly.

16.  Nuget Packet Management
We will learn about Nuget which is package manager for install or uninstall during development.

17. MVC -Unit Testing
Biggest benefit which we get from MVC is unit testing our code.


18. MVC -Security
Security is important aspect of web application.It cannot be taken lightly and compromised.We will learn how to take care security in Asp.Net MVC

19. MVC-Authentication
We will explore the different authentication method

20. MVC -Caching
We will discuss most common techniques to improve technique as Caching.

21. MVC-Deployment 
After working so hard it is time to deploy our application in the server we can deploy in two ways in house server and in cloud environment. We will discuss about in house deployment.

Class Schedule

Weekend ,4th Feb,1:00 pm-03:30 am Weekend,18th feb,10:00 am – 12:30pm

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