C++ Fundamentals

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Online Classes: 30 Hrs
Assignment: 40 hrs
Project: 10 Hrs
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Weekend :27th May,2017(8:00AM-10:00AM,8:00 PM-10:00PM)

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Course description

C++ is the object oriented superset of C Programming Language.Our C++ course provides you deep understanding of C++ fundamental concepts.
Should have basic knowledge of C Programming.
Who Should Attend:
B.Tech Students
High School student
Anyone who has deep desire to learn C++.
Course delivery:
Online classes with 60% theory and 40% hands on,Practice ,Assignment.
What will you Learn:
OOPS Concept
Basics of C++
How to write Program in C++.


Course Curriculum:


In this module, you will understand Types,operator and Expression, Function and Program structure, Recursion and Stack, Pointers and Arrays, Structures, File Input/Output,Data structure and Algorithms.

1. Intoduction to Object Oriented Programming

Object derivative languages, object oriented programming, Association, Generalization,Dependency.

2. An Overview of C++

The bool data type, scope resolution, default argument, inline function, reference variable, Arrays, Pointers, References and Dynamic Allocation Operators

3.Classes and Objects

Memory layout of object, constructor, distructor, Exception handling, static and const variable inside class

4. Operator Overloading and Friend function

Function Overloading, Copy Constructors, and Default Arguments , Operator Overloading, unary opertaors-prefix and postix, binary opertaors, assignment operator overloading

5. Inheritance

Types of Inheritance, constructor and destructor in Inheritance.

6. Virtual Functions and Polymorphism

Run time polymorphism, virtual destructor, abstract class , RTTI, typeid, dynamic cast, static cast, reinterpret cast, const cast.

7. Templates

Template function, Template function specialization, Template overriding, Template Class, static data in template class.

8. The C++ I/O System Basics

input and output stream, ostream class, istream class , iostream class, file I/O , opening a file, Detecting the end of file, file opening mode, Reading and writing streams, seeking iostream









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