Why is data Science Such a Hot Career Option Right Now?

DATA Science

Why is data Science Such a Hot Career Option Right Now

As per the current statistics, the number of jobs in data science platform has seen a surge between 2014 to 2017 whereas it has doubled between 2016 to 2017. The main reason behind it is massive use of ‘data’ rather big data.

Using data science theories and tools, data scientists perform the analysis. However, this is not the only aspect of why data science is such a good career option in today’s market.

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Enhanced use of data analysis in every industry

Today’s marketing strategy relies on digital data and its predictive analysis report to better introspect a business because of customers. Hence, these data whether structured or unstructured are directly related to business revenues.

The biggest trend of data analysis we see in the banking sector and e-Commerce sector. No doubt this is ever growing data. Hence, data analysis will be a continuous need in the market, depicting a secured job platform for future data scientists.

The gap between demand and supply

Data science is a vast field which includes different big data technologies as well. As per the statistics, almost 50,000 vacancies are available in the Indian market whereas there is a scarcity of skilled professionals in the same field. Hence, there is a big scope to getting a job with less competition if you have required skill.

Experience is not a big concern

Data science is a growing field hence only seven years of experience sometimes makes a big difference. If you have minimum five years of experience or less than that you have a higher chance to get a job in this field. Also, many companies train even freshers with necessary skills to fulfill the demand as there is a lack of resources in the market.

Lucrative salary package

40% advertised data science jobs offer more than 10 Lakh salaries per annum for data science professionals in India. However, the average salaries in data science jobs in India are 7 Lakh per annum with a minimum starting salary around 5 -6 Lakh/annum.

Scope to learn various skill sets

The job role in data science field may be anything from

  • Data Engineer
  • Data analyst
  • Data Architect
  • Data scientist

As data science has many aspects from data sourcing to data visualization, the skill set requirement may be role based. Hence, there is a huge scope to learn many tools and theories to perform the roles. Some of the most demanded skills in the current industry are Python, R, SAS and Tableau professionals

More use of semi-structured and unstructured data

To achieve meaningful insights from big data, mostly unstructured and semi-structured data are used for analysis nowadays. Data science methodologies and tools are enormously helpful for this purpose. Hence, the demand will surge continually in this field.

No specific educational background to excel in this field

Of course, if you are a number cruncher, you will edge over others. However, data science is not all about statistics, and as mentioned earlier based on the role you can explore many areas. Though 80% of data science jobs are acquired by engineers and management graduates, others also hold good percentage with the help of proper training.

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