Why You Should Choose Data Science as Your Career?

Data science in recent days has created a huge impact in almost all the industries.As a result Big data analytics has become top priority in all the organizations.Here is top six reasons Why you should consider data science as your career?

1.Demand For Data Scientist

In the Next Few Years ,It is expected that the size of the data analytics market will evolve to at least one-thirds of the global IT market from the current one-tenths.All the organizations whether large and small – are clamoring to find employees who can understand and synthesize data, and then communicate these findings in a way that proves beneficial to the company and help the management to make decisions

2. Career Growth And Salaries

There is a shortage of data scientist at all the levels from beginner,Freshers to that of manager level.Since IT industry is at the verge of change so many middle level manager s and professional across domains are finding their career growth stagnant .Data science is the best option to  overcome downturns of career stagnation.

Annual pay hikes for Analytics professionals in India is on an average 50% more than other IT professionals.Salary trends for Data science professionals across the globe indicates a positive and exponential growth.

3. Work Options

When you become a data scientist, you can work practically anywhere you wish in any domains ,any part of world.Apart from technology industry which of course employs most data scientist , data science professionals can work in other industries and domains ranging from healthcare/pharma to marketing/Sales and financial services to consulting firms to retail and CPG industries.Data scientist can also work for the government and NGOs.

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3. Experience Factor
Data science is such a relatively new field that organizations are not able to find the experienced profile and its a great opportunities for IT professional from different domains and streams to up-skill and learn data science.According to an industry report,40% of data scientists have less than 5 years of experience, and 69% have less than 10 years of experience.

5. Lack of Competition And Ease Of Job Hunting

Not only is there a shortage of data scientists,but there is lack of competition as well since data science domain is relatively new field.A entry level data scientist and an expert level will have a experience gap of very few years.So here lies the great opportunity for career growth,

Data scientists are in high demand and there is shortage of skilled professional in the market So,Its relatively easy to search job in data science domain.

6. Variety of Training Options Available

There are many training options available for data science training.There are different modes of training available like online ,Classroom ,Self paced video based training ,MOOCS for data science etc.

If you are looking for a full fledged data science certification course ,then you can go for data science post graduate and masters program.

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