Why should a software testing engineer learn python for test automation

Why should a software testing engineer learn python for test automation?

Software engineering is one of the widest fields and lots of people choose it as their profession. Creating software is not an easy task as it contains many processes from making SRS, design, coding, test cases etc. Software testing is undoubtedly the most important process of the software life cycle. The Software Tester task spreads to various domains when the organization decides to habituate itself to an improved and advanced technology. It is a challenging task for a software tester to choose the best programming language for automation testing. Python is one of the best solution for this problem. It is widely used the high level programming language and features a dynamic type system. Here we will discuss about how python is best for Automation testing.

Why to Learn Python?

At present ,IT industry is planning to automate the manual testings and introduce automation in their software product life cycle.Automation testing is less costly,once created can run again and again with no additional cost and is faster than manual testing.Companies are planning to hire the professionals who can write test scripts to automate the tasks.To upgrade one’s skill to automation testing,there are several options like learning TCL,Shell Scripting ,Perl but Python is most preferred programming language for test Automation. because python is easier to learn,scripted,good support and open source.Also there are lots of tools and modules to make the things more easier.

Python language is very simple to learn and has two level which goes from basic python to advanced python. It is one of the easiest language which was created with a beginners point of view. We often see people saying that programming is not their cup of tea and they find difficult to code. Well, python has finished all the programming myths. It is easy to learn, simpler to code, easy to understand, time savingand what not. There are no more variable declaration which are often a tedious task and no more curly brackets on different confusing places. We just uses common expressions and white spaces which makes it more easier. Its like the simplest type of maths which we all must have learning in kindergarten.

It has many great software testing supports and tools available in it which helps a software tester to complete his work in no time and in much easier way. So if you have a dream to up-skill yourself to Automation professional and still struggling with long codes and traditional programming languages then its time to change your path. Try learning the basic python and in no time you can reach to the advance level. It is a recommended and mostly used language for testing purpose. Software testing is tedious task and python is the booster for it so every tester should go for it.

To Learn Python ,You can learn from Online resources like Python Training by Google or from books like Learn Python The Hard way or Think Python. If you don’t have time to learn it by your own,You can find the python training institute .If You are working in Bangalore  ,You can check for Python training in Bangalore for automation and decide accordingly.

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