Why You Should Not Worry About Layoffs in IT Sector?

Why You Should Not Worry About Layoffs in IT Sector?

Why you should not worry about layoffs in IT?

Why you should not worry about layoffs in IT?

Software companies are calling for layoffs based on the “performance based” criteria and many experts are advising techies to improve their skills set and try to avoid a negative impression of the working place. As per the Trump government’s new rule to employee American citizens in the Indian companies in the U.S, the companies were forced to remove their senior employees because of the poor growth rate in the IT sector.

Many experts from various companies like Cognizant have explained the reason for the layoffs.  As per the experts, The companies evaluates its employee based on strict performance criteria in an objective process to ensure they are consistent with IT norms to meet customer’s needs, business priorities and other industry evaluation.

S.N Vishal, a techie from Hyderabad, told that the present situation is critical for the upper-level employees like Associate Manager, Managers, Assistant Directors and Directors. Skill up-gradations including improving multi platform skills are the only solution to handle the current situation. IT professionals with additional qualifications like Big Data, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security and Vertical Technology are safe from the Layoffs.


As layoffs are catching heat, it’s important to upgrade yourself to meet current IT industry requirements. Six Sigma, PMP or ITIL, is the best online guide to upgrade the skills for the techie.

#1 At present there is job threat from the associate level to manager level.

#2 Manager level employee with knowledge of cloud computing won’t be affected, but however, they are encouraged to develop skills in Automation and Powershell Scripting.

#3 Assistant directors must have a qualification in advance technology like Big Data , Data science to keep their jobs

#4 Six Sigma certification like the Yellow belt and green belt is a must for all kinds of assistant level

#5 Those are beyond at vice president level are advised to have skills like management apart from technology and other certifications.

#6 Techies with more than 3 years experience and are working in areas like manual testing are asked to upgrade their skills in Automation Testing using Python.

Upgrade or Perish
Now it’s clear that your job will not be permanent in the IT industry because every day a new technology comes through and we have to learn it. Customers ask for new stuff and changes in the product and it can only be achieved by new upcoming technology, which has to an ad in your skill set. The only way to cement your job is by upgrading yourself with the new technology. It’s a clear choice for all the techies. Either you “UPGRADE” or “PERISH”.

Python Automation
Automation has always been a demand in the IT industry. Powershell and python are best to achieve the automation. Most of the people who are working in IT Industry have a minimal knowledge regarding the PowerShell as it is based on.Net framework, but Python is the most voted one. Python helps you to automate all the boring stuff which also includes web designing and testing. The client is always in a hurry and they need their product within the deadline, but the pressure is on the development and at that instant Python comes to rescue.Whether it’s the web browser automation to rename a folder holding thousands of files or want to copy data from 100 of PDFs, python does that for you.

But the question is, where can I learn it?. How can I become an expert in python? and we have the answers for all of your questions.

Find best Python Training institute in Bangalore

The best way to learn the Python language is to join an institute where a group of experts from industry  can train you well. Institute like those are really hard to find today who can give the worth of your money providing quality training to you but there are few institute which can provide good python training in Bangalore.  You need to find training providers  which is providing courses that are essential as per the IT industry requirement.  In order to become productive and survive in industry ,You should learn Advance concepts of the language as well.So,Don,t decide to join an institute without attending free demo session.